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Induction Booklet




About Subee Pty Ltd


Subee Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of NSW. Commenced in 1993  the services later expanded into the Grafton area in 1995 and into the greater Newcastle/ Central Coast region in 1999 followed by services being introduced in the Manning Great Lakes (Taree) region in 2005.


The services provided by the company include:-


  • All aspects of home nursing
  • Brain & spinal injury management
  • Care of the physically and intellectually disabled
  • Case Management
  • Child care
  • Child protection
  • Client & Medical Escorts
  • CTP / Workers Compensation Injuries
  • Live in / out care
  • Nursing Assessments for legal purposes
  • Palliative Care
  • Personal Injury
  • Respite / Aged care
  • Supervision of Access visits
  • Wound Management


Company contact details


Coffs Harbour / Clarence Regions:                  

Head Office   PO Box 1872 Coffs Harbour, 2450

Unit 2 84/90 Industrial Drive Coffs Harbour, 2450

BH 02 6651 3153     Fax: 02 6651 9346               Mobile 0418 425 504



Hunter Valley Central Coast & Newcastle regions:

2/11 Glenwood Drive Thornton, 2322

BH 1300 654 714     Fax: 40286540         Mobile: 0428 923 851 or

0418 695 644









Subee Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality home nursing, respite care and support services focusing on the unique needs of the clients and their families.

At all times we will ensure that every client is treated with respect, dignity, and sensitivity in a non-discriminating manner.

Our aim is to promote, support and maintain the clients need to remain at home and encourage independence.

The contents of this induction booklet are to be viewed as a guide for employees, further details and explanation can be sort by viewing the following manuals held in the offices of Subee Pty Ltd


  • Subee Pty Ltd Care Staff Policy and Procedures
  • Subee Pty Ltd WH&S Policy & Procedures
  • Subee Pty Ltd Clinical Procedures
  • Subee Pty Ltd Administration Office Procedures
  • Subee Pty Ltd Employee Collective Agreement
  • NSW WH&S Act & Regulations
  • All Anti Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunities, (EEO) Legislation




Subee Privacy Statement

The Subee Privacy Statement can be viewed on the company intranet at Subee 0160


Breaches to the Subee Pty Ltd Policies and Procedures may result in counselling and ultimately dismissal.



Client confidentiality – It is an expectation of employment that all business pertaining to clients, staff and general business of Subee Pty Ltd remain confidential and is not discussed outside of the workplace. As an employee you are entrusted to treat all information you come across as confidential. What you see and hear at work……stays at work! Any breaches of this affect the organisations reputation and most importantly, YOUR reputation.

Breaches of confidentiality may have serious repercussions regarding ongoing employment and exposes you and your employer to potential litigation.

Chain of command/following instruction/-who do I report to– in all instances to do with client care and general functions of the company, all staff are responsible to the company director or area coordinator. For after hour’s enquiries, all staff are to call the relevant on call number for your area or region

Under no circumstances is any staff member to contact another staff member at home for any work related issues.

When given a directive by a member of senior staff, you have a responsibility as an employee to follow that directive. If something has functioned a certain way for “as long as anyone can member”, it doesn’t mean it is the best way and may not be the latest in Best Practice. Listen to senior staff- they have the skills, knowledge and training to guide and direct you within your workplace and within your role and they will be your greatest ally when things don’t go to plan.

They also have life experience….they are human too, they make mistakes, they have families and problems, good and bad health, have emotions, goals and dreams….just like you!

Do not take things personally– an effective management strategy is rather than to single one person out for an error of judgement/mistake is to highlight to all, in confidence, so the team is aware of the incident and awareness is made to all staff, so that it will not happen again. This is for everyone, and is not targeted at anyone. If you feel that you are involved in the incident, discuss in confidence with your manager. It may be you are worrying for nothing and taking things personally for no reason.

Professional Boundaries- Boundaries are mutually understood, unspoken physical and emotional limits of the relationship between the caregiver and the client. When these limits are altered the relationship becomes ambiguous and in some instances, unethical.

Some examples of this may include showing favouritism towards one client over another and not giving equal amount of time and care and performing special tasks to assist some client and not others.

Who will take on these tasks if you are not there-is this fair on the client?

Speaking badly about co-workers to clients, families or others outside of the workplace or discussing your own personal business and divulging your contact details to client or their families is also another example.

Staff that have worked for extended times in a particular work environment are particularly vulnerable to professional boundary issues. Think about your own practice! Have you ever overstepped your professional boundaries within your workplace? Have your words or actions affected the lives of others and lowered staff morale? Are you always the negative naysayer…the glass half empty type…? Always looking for the problem but never the answer. Your attitude affects others and lowers morale…..

Gossip-when you gossip about others- you send a very clear message ABOUT YOU! People with low self worth tend to want to find fault with others, in order to make them feel better in front of others. Think of someone in your workplace that gossips. Do they appear happy? Are they well liked and trusted? Gossip is one of the causes of underperformance of individuals in an organisation. Every great relationship is built on trust, respect, honour and integrity. Does someone who gossips, inspire good relationships? Gossip does not improve performance so if you are tempted to gossip STOP right now. It does not serve the person you are gossiping about in any way, but ultimately, it does not serve YOU. Gossip is malicious and hurtful and ultimately damages workplace relationships.

Do you want to be responsible for that?

Continuity of Client Care and organisational procedures-it is important froma clinical and a management perspective that all care provided to clients is consistent and individually focused. This is also true of organisational policy and procedures. When changes are made to client care or organisational procedures a series of discussions or reviews take place to weigh up the efficacy of change and whether it is in the best interest of the organisation or the client to change a procedure e.g. changing the type of dressing for wound care, changing the format of company stationary etc. Therefore decisions like these should not be made, and care should not be altered, unless clinically indicated AND in conjunction with advice from the manager, after hours or on weekends. Just because there is no direct supervision after hours, is not a green light to alter procedures or care of a client because you can. Care/procedures need to flow from weekdays to weekends. If you feel the need to change something, get advice or refer to your manager in charge to review. Do not take it upon yourself to alter anything without consultation as the decision you make may be the wrong one. You have the support of first line managers whenever you consult first but not if you go ahead and make changes on your own.

Team work – Teamwork is defined as work performed by a team towards a common goal. In healthcare, it is a dynamic process involving two or more healthcare professionals (that’s you) with complementary backgrounds and skills, sharing common health goals and exercising concerted physical and mental effort in assessing, planning or evaluating care and processes within the workplace. If one of these is not met or shared, effective teamwork is compromised. Teamwork is increasingly advocated by health care policy makers as a means of quality and safety in the delivery of services.

Discussion- does the staff in your work place work effectively as part of a team and what issues can you identify that might compromise this?

Remember that all of the issues discussed may affect staff morale. Is coming to work satisfying and enjoyable? If it’s not, is it because of one of the issues identified? What can you do within the scope of your own practice to improve this and the lives of others you work with?

Become a change champion and change the motivation, enthusiasm and vibe in your workplace. Make coming to work enjoyable as we spend such a large amount of our life, working. Be one of those people who enhance the quality of life of others and not be one of those who continually complain and criticise. If you are one of those people, reflect on this and what you can do to change your outlook towards others and your workplace. Maybe a change in direction and vocation is ultimately what you need to do if you a have become a toxic influence in your workplace. Do you really want others to view you like that? Deep down you are a good person but maybe had some bad life experiences. Don’t let your working relationships become affected.

Let’s make our workplace the best it can be!


Confidentiality policy & non competition agreement

All workers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement; this is to ensure the privacy of clients is maintained at all times, any breaches may lead to dismissal.


Workers shall not disclose any of the dealings, transactions or affairs of the company, whether actual or contemplated which have or may come to workers knowledge whilst engaged by the company.


Workers agree not to directly contract nor accept payment from clients of Subee Pty Ltd for a period of 1 year, following termination, or during employ with Subee Pty Ltd workers shall not accept payment or directly contract their services, privately to clients of Subee Pty Ltd.


Workers are to acknowledge their responsibilities under section 232 of the Corporations Law pertaining to S232 (5) No improper use of inside information, and, S232 (6) No gain by improper use of position.


Abandonment of employment

Employees who are unable to be contacted for a period of 1 week, (5 working days) will be considered to have abandoned their employment.


Duty of care / reasonable force

In general, the law does not require a person to rescue another from harm; however, because of the relationship between yourself and the individual, there is an expectation to intervene. The expectation to intervene is because in the carer / client relationship one party has a particular advantage in preventing accidents / harm and the other party has a corresponding dependence on such assistance / protection.


Carers are also required to use protective actions when other people are at risk from the actions of clients.


Carers have a duty to exercise care to protect not only themselves but other people (or clients) likely to be at risk from the actions of clients (or other people). In exercising this duty, the concept of reasonable force and reasonable actions that respects the rights of all people is also applicable. Therefore carers are required to use minimal force if necessary to protect others or clients, as well as themselves. However, carers are not expected to do this if it jeopardises their own safety.


Emergency procedures

In any emergency the safety of the client and staff member is to be addressed immediately.


If Police\Ambulance\Fire Brigade are required, dial 000. The Area Coordinator must be notified of the emergency as soon as practical and a follow up Incident Report must be completed.


For all other incidents not requiring Emergency Service personnel, contact Area Coordinator immediately.



Staff is to attend to client’s home at the time requested or up to 10 minutes early if a hand over from a previous shift is required. If staff is to be late, please contact the client or your local office so clients can be notified. Time of late arrivals must be recorded accurately on the timesheets. Where practical, and if requested, staff is to complete the allocated time with the client.


Dress regulations

Subee Pty Ltd Health Services has its own uniform which consists of a white polo shirt with burgundy trim and company name & logo. Workers will accompany this with black skirts, pants or culottes or long black dress shorts and black non slip shoes, which enclose the foot and must have leather uppers.


Personal Grooming

Long hair must be tied back and tidy at all times whilst working.

Sculptured or long nails are not allowed at any time. Nail polish is not to be worn.

A wedding band, stud earrings or sleepers are the only jewellery that may be worn.

A neat, clean, ironed uniform must be worn whenever presenting for duty.



All workers will be required, at times, to wear during working hours or as directed, identification as supplied by Subee Pty Ltd. Photograph Id’s will be laminated detailing the service which the worker represents as well as their name and classification.


Alcohol & drugs

Alcohol & drugs are not to be consumed immediately prior to or during hours of work.


Smoking (care staff)

Smoking is not permitted in the clients homes. If the need arises during long shifts smoking is to be conducted out doors. Please be mindful of the residual smell when delivering personal care to clients. Please attempt to limit cigarette breaks to a minimum during hours of work.


Administration staff and smoking: Any smokers within the administration staff are to smoke during their morning tea, lunch and 5 minute afternoon coffee break and not during paid time.



Mobile telephones may be supplied by Subee Pty Ltd for emergency use in association with clients. Workers may use the telephone for private (emergency) use on the condition all private calls will be at the workers expense. Costs will be deducted from workers remuneration accordingly.


Workers are not to disclose their private telephone numbers to clients. All calls by clients must be referred to the regional office applicable to each service. Workers are not to be contacted directly by clients of the service. This is to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the worker.


Money and Gifts

Staff is asked not to accept money or gifts from clients, as it can place them in a difficult and unprofessional situation.


Assault v’s protective action

Assault is an action by one individual, which causes another to be harmed or threatened, or to think he/ she will be harmed.


A protective action is an action by one individual, which uses reasonable force to avoid injury or harm from another person.




All employees are to participate in a minimum of 12 hours in house training sessions per year, facilitated, coordinated and certified by the employer. These sessions are not in paid time.



Workers will be notified of the particular rate applicable, where practicable at interview, or prior to commencement of employ. Wages are deposited into bank accounts on or prior to the Monday following time sheet week. Upon commencement of engagement workers will be advised as to when the next pay period falls. If there is a Public Holiday on the Friday, where possible, wages will be deposited on or before the commencement of the Public Holiday




EEO and Cultural Diversity

The Subee EEO policy is available on the company intranet in the Care Staff Policy and Procedure Manual in regards to Cultural Diversity Subee is committed to achieving excellence through cultural diversity and actively encourages and supports women, persons of colour, and individuals from other underrepresented groups in the workplace


Administrative procedures

Upon commencement of employment all new staff must complete:


  1. Tax Declaration Form, and


  1. Details of      Superannuation Fund, if no Fund submitted, the employee will be given a      HESTA Superannuation Fund form to fill out, this being our preferred      Superannuation Fund.



Criminal record & working with children checks

At interview all employees complete a Subee Pty Ltd standard employment application, within this document you have signed a statutory declaration stating you have no outstanding or previous criminal convictions or convictions relating to offences against children. You are reminded the penalty for making a false or misleading statutory declaration is punishable by the courts. As soon as practical the company head office will forward your Criminal Record Check to the appropriate checking organisation.


At interview staff will receive the new 2 page, Working with children check Fact Sheet.  It will advise on:   “How to apply for a Working with children clearance”.  Once you have this clearance, please submit your number (prefix app or wwc) for copying, to the Subee Pty Ltd office.


Leave application & notification

Workers seeking leave are required to complete a Leave Application form and forward it the office for processing at least 2 weeks preceding the date of requested leave. This is the case for Annual Leave or Leave with out pay. Notification allows the opportunity for administration to know who to contact and who not to contact after hours. Obviously in the case of compassionate leave notice is required as soon as practicable.


Time sheets & expense claims

Time sheets are not to be filled out in advance.

Time sheets are to be filled out immediately following the cessation of each shift and all hours performed are to be noted on the time sheet. One (1) time sheet is to be used for each client. Clients must sign timesheets to verify attendance after each service.


All time sheets are to be filled out by the worker in black pen and must be signed and dated. Please note it is illegal to use pencil. All workers are to calculate the hours that they have worked and complete the total column. This provides a check for the administration staff to ensure that there are no errors in calculations, and that timesheets reflect rosters. All Care staff workers are required to send their time sheets in to Head Office in Coffs Harbour for processing no later than 3.00pm on the Monday before payday. Late lodgement of timesheets may result in late payment of wages


Expense Claim Forms and Motor Vehicle Log Sheets must be completed and all receipts and claims for expenses must accompany timesheets. Late expense claims may result in non-reimbursement of expenses. It is not a requirement to reimburse for costs involved in getting to and from the job. Workers may keep a log book of kilometres travelled and claim travel as a deduction at the end of the financial year.



Progress Notes – Staff


All progress notes for the Coffs Harbour /Grafton and Newcastle regions must be submitted to head office every fortnight with timesheets.  Failure to do this may result in wages being withheld.


All progress notes when submitted to office are to be read and signed off by senior member of management or registered nurse and any issues to be raised with service provider or client.


As progress notes are company property and confidential documents on clients care, they are to be read and then scanned into electronic client files for future reference if required and hard copies are then destroyed.


Progress notes must be attending as a priority as soon as they are received and cannot remain unscanned any longer than 7 days.


As per service provider request, these may be required to be sent to service provider directly or attached to invoice


Progress Notes – Used for Individual Clients

The Progress Notes form is used for documentation by a staff member on what occurred during a shift/service


When a staff member is rostered to a shift/service, progress notes are to be completed directly after the service is finished, irrespective of the nature of the service i.e. transport, domestic assistance/social support or respite etc.


What must be submitted on the form is date or dates of the service, time of service, who was at the home of the client, Observations of any hazards, changes in moods and health of the client.


Also there is a Risk & Hazard Identification/Notification section at the bottom of form, this is to be used to list any hazards that you feel are present at the workplace.


Pay advice slips

All workers are issued with pay slips on a fortnightly basis. Workers who request a hard copy Payslip, this will be left at the office for collection. For any queries regarding wages and payments complete a Pay Query form and forward it to head office and contact the office to ensure it arrived, note the name of the person who has received your form if the query is not handled within a reasonable period of time then contact the head office in Coffs Harbour. If this action becomes necessary please call, 02 6651 3153 give your name and contact number and you will be called back as a priority.



Incident Report/Complaint Procedure


*           Any issue workers feel create an atmosphere of stress or potential harm within the workplace

*           Client behavioural problems

*           Client family issues

*           Harassment within the workplace

*           Work, Health & Safety issues

*             Or any issue of significance


Incident Report/Complaint Procedure forms will be available at all regional offices or other areas as designated by the company, Corrective and Preventative Action Forms can be submitted at any time.

If issues are of an urgent nature, please contact the office during business hours, or contact Sue Beehag on 0418 425 504. An Incident Report/Complaint Procedure Form MUST follow regardless of telephone contact.


Risk & hazard issues & time sheets

If there is an issue of direct Risk and Hazard to the life of the client or staff member, employees must contact the office immediately. The issue must also be documented on the bottom of your time sheet in the space provided, and raise an Incident Report/Complaint Procedure form and attach it to your time sheets and progress notes..


Personal issues and problems

Do not discuss personal problems with the clients. Clients have their own personal issues to deal with and do not need to hear about the personal problems of employees, the company has a policy on Employee Assistance Plan.



Carer Recognition Act

The company is at all times in support of the Carer Recognition Act and requests all care and administration become aware of this piece of legislation by using the company intranet at Subee 0161, or view the act on you personal internet.


Cancellation of services

Due to the nature of this industry workers are reminded where cancellation of service occurs Subee Pty Ltd is required to give a minimum of one (1) hour Notice of Change.


Client complaints procedure

If a client has a complaint about the services provided, they are to be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.


Clients need to be directed to the Area Coordinator and asked to put their complaint in writing. If unable or unwilling to do this, the Area Coordinator is to respond promptly, document the nature of the complaint and deal with it accordingly.


The client needs to receive the outcome of actions taken in writing with a follow up phone call to ensure client is satisfied with action taken.


This system is to allow fast and expedient action to any and all disputes, which may arise from your engagement with Subee Pty Ltd.


If a complaint or allegation is of a serious nature and is deemed to warrant investigation or reporting to the Police of other statutory body Subee Pty Ltd will contact the relevant body immediately.


Each person has the right to make a complaint (where relevant) to the Ombudsman about the provision of a service by a service provider under the Community Services (Complaints, Review and Monitoring) Act 1993 (NSW).


Clinical procedures

Please refer to the clinical procedures manual for guidelines.


Contacting area coordinators

Staff is advised not to contact the office either after hours or on week ends for any administration queries the after hours service is for client emergencies or staff unavailability / sickness etc. Staff is also advised not to phone the company mobiles during business hours, but to ring the office directly.




If the client is not available or absent for a rostered service

If the Client appears not to be home or fails to answer the door and or telephone when you are rostered to commence a shift you must immediately contact the regional office during office hours or if the shift is out of hours you are required contact the after hours emergency number on the back of your ID and follow the instructions of the coordinator. You are not to leave the site until the coordinator has given their approval for you to leave


It is then the role of the service coordinator to check the telephone numbers are correct, and then to retry the clients phone numbers. The coordinator is then to notify the service broker and/or the next of kin. If the coordinator cannot resolve the situation it is the coordinators role to then notify the local Police and follow their instructions.


Use of facilities within clients’ homes

Client’s telephones are not to be used for private phone calls. All meals to be consumed by the worker are to be supplied by the worker, unless alternate arrangements are made with the client.



Legal implications

Under no circumstances are children that are in the care of any worker of Subee Pty Ltd, to be taken to the home of the carer, in either paid or unpaid time. This also applies to any other client and / or the home of family or friends of the carer


No Bullying Policy

This is a bullying and violence-free workplace. Bullying is unreasonable behaviour that is repeated over time, directed towards a worker, or group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety. It includes behaviour such as screaming at someone, initiation practices, interfering with repair-work processes and putting down someone’s opinions.

Bullying is not an acceptable part of this company’s work culture.  Single incidents of unreasonable behaviour can also create a risk to health and is also not acceptable as part of this company’s work culture.

If you are being bullied, or see others being bullied at work, you must report it as soon as possible.  Report to your supervisor, fill out an Incident Report/Complaint Procedure form, or if this is not possible, to contact the Director of Services or the Operations Manager.

No one who reports bullying will be victimised and reports will be investigated quickly and fairly. Violence between workers is not tolerated under any circumstances.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that no person in their work group is bullied, threatened or physically hurt by other workers.

(for full details, please read Subee 0181, Workplace Bullying Policy)


Manual handling

Subee Pty Ltd has a strict “No Lift Policy”. Where lifting devices are supplied all workers must use them when transferring and lifting clients. If you are unfamiliar with the specific lifting device please notify your area coordinator as a priority so training can be delivered in the use of the particular lifting device.



Registered Nurses to administer all medication as ordered. Disability Support Carers must only administer medication from a dosette or Webster pack. If any concerns with clients’ reaction to medication administered, contact Area Coordinator, clients medical practitioner or in an emergency, call 000 for an ambulance to convey client for further treatment Please refer to clinical procedures manual for guidelines on administration.




Motor Vehicles

Staff is to notify management immediately if they receive any motor vehicle infringements that will impact their ability to drive a motor vehicle. Also it is your responsibility to maintain motor vehicle insurance and registration for all personally owned vehicles used to transport clients of the service during the course of your duties.


Workers compensation

In the case of accident, injury or ‘near miss’ it is of utmost importance that Subee Pty Ltd be notified as a matter of urgency. All accidents MUST be recorded on Incident Report/Complaint Procedure Forms, which are held in all regional offices or other areas as designated by the company.


As Subee Pty Ltd is committed to a safe and healthy work environment we require your assistance in also reporting ‘near miss’ incidents. To clarify this requirement, we at Subee Pty Ltd need to evaluate all potential hazardous situations, your assistance in doing this is vital. To simplify this process we have devised an Incident Report/Complaint Procedure form.  This simple format will allow for concise information transfer to assist incident evaluation.

Disability Service Standards



Each consumer seeking a service has access to a service on the basis of relative need and available resources.



Each person with a disability receives a service which is designed to meet, in the least restrictive way, his or her individual needs and personal goals.



Each person with a disability has the opportunity to participate as fully as possible in making decisions about the events and activities of his or her daily life in relation to the services he or she receives



Each consumer’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality in all aspects of his or her life is recognised and respected.



Each person with a disability is supported and encouraged to participate and be involved in the life of the community.


  1. 6.    VALUED STATUS

Each person with a disability has the opportunity to develop and maintain skills and to participate in activities that enable him or her to achieve valued roles in the community.



Each consumer is free to raise and have resolved, any complaints or disputes he or she may have regarding the agency or the service



Each service adopts sound management practices which maximise outcomes for        consumers.



Each person with a disability receives a service which recognises the importance of preserving family relationships, informal social networks and is sensitive to their cultural and linguistic environments.



The agency ensures the legal and human rights of people with a disability are upheld in relation to the prevention of sexual, physical and emotional abuse within the service.




Work, Health & Safety




Workers are reminded of the fact that this industry is one which involves manual handling. All workers are requested to remain mindful and vigilant of the long term consequences of poor lifting techniques. To implement a safe and healthy work environment Subee Pty Ltd conducts regular Back Care sessions. All new workers will be required to attend a back care session as soon as practicable. If you require one to one tuition please ask. The company observes a strict no lift policy


  1. Policy (extract, see the company WH&S Manual for full details.)


SUBEE PTY LTD are committed to providing and maintaining a work environment that provides safe systems of work that avoid undue risks to health and safety of their staff.


SUBEE PTY LTD can achieve this through systematic management of the Work, Health and Safety and Rehabilitation issues that affects the day to day operation of the company.


It is the company policy to adhere to all Acts and Regulations which govern the safe operation of the scope of work performed by SUBEE PTY LTD.


2.         Objectives


a.         To reinforce management and employees responsibility and accountability for implementation and auditing of procedures

b.         To reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and risk by progressive development of better effective work practices and management systems and review of those systems.

c.         To assign responsibility to management for accident investigation and ensure the appropriate corrective procedures are put in place.

d.         To review, audit and implement procedures and systems as outlined by the WorkCover Authority model for Work, Health and Safety and Rehabilitation to develop and implement steps to identify identificationassessment and management.

e.         To ensure that injured employees are rehabilitated in accordance with the rehabilitation policy.

f.          To make available appropriate resources and/or information in order to ensure compliance with all relevant Acts/Regulations and standards to ensure the workplace is safe.


3.         Responsibility


Management shall put in place Work, Health and Safety system to satisfy them that the requirements of this policy and     the WorkCover model are met.  Reviews of WH & S will take place at least every three (3) months or as required and shall be documented in such a way that management and WorkCover Auditors can verify that such reviews have taken place and any shortcomings/issues have been addressed. Management shall:


(a.)      Visibly display support for safety programs by actively participating in and encouraging safety, safety committees and safety meetings.

(b.)      Include safety issues on the agenda for management meetings

(c.)       Ensure staff at all levels in the organisation has the opportunity to raise Work, Health and Safety issues and are held accountable for Work, Health and Safety responsibilities.

(d.)      Provide adequate supplies of protective equipment for all employees.


4.         Specific Responsibilities


Personal Protective Clothing Equipment where necessary


SUBEE PTY LTD shall ensure that all personnel have the necessary personal protective equipment available at the work site to minimise risks and prevent mishaps.  The employees in turn shall ensure that:


(a.)      Adequate supplies of protective equipment shall be carried, used and maintained by all employees during the work period.

(b.)      Faulty or inappropriate clothing or equipment is to be identified to the supervisor.

5.         Supervisor Responsibilities


Supervisors Shall:


(a.)      Have a safety plan that applies to their specific area, which may include:

In the event of an evacuation employees are required to meet at a designated place.

A head count would take place

Make employees aware of the first aid kit.

Induct employees of the specific work area requirements with respect to WH & S.


(b.)      Have procedures in place for those tasks which clearly require written instructions in the interest of safety. Such tasks will be clearly defined as systems and reviewed and changed in line with the requirements of the Work, Health and Safety policy.


(c.)       Make employees aware of the safety requirements of each area, ie first aid location, emergency exits, and the general rules applied to individual areas.


Every supervisor, as part of their daily duties is responsible for the continual review of work practices and procedures and are to ensure that staff under their control are given the opportunity for adequate training and instructions to carry out any assigned task, and that they are carrying out their tasks in accordance with the safe working practices and procedures.


No supervisor shall instruct an employee to carry out a task that may affect the health and safety of the employee and others, unless the employee has been adequately trained to perform such tasks.


Supervisors are expected to do all things necessary to ensure the health and safety of all staff under their control by implementing the requirements of the Work, Health and Safety Policy.


6.         Employee Responsibilities


Every employee shall ensure that they carry out their duties in a safe manner, which does not place themselves or their fellow employees at risk.


Employees will take any necessary action to protect their own health and safety and welfare and that of others by:


(a.)      Using personal protective clothing and or equipment.  Any employee who refuses to comply with the use of such equipment will be subject to disciplinary action and will face dismissal for continual refusal to comply.


(b.)      Complying with the safety requirements of sites/jobs.


(c.)       Maintain and use all equipment in a safe manner.


(d.)      Complying with established safe working practices and procedures and reasonable instructions.


(e.)      Seeking specific guidance before carrying out any task for which they feel they have not been adequately trained and instructed.


In this event:


Employees shall consult with management to rectify the unsafe system of work.


(a)       Notify management of the potential risk so as Hazard Reduction procedures can be put in place.


(b)       Ensure work areas are kept in a safe condition at all times.


(c)        Continually review their work practices and participate in suggesting changes to assist with Hazard Reduction and Risk Management.


7.         Housekeeping


Employees are not permitted to smoke in any of the administration buildings, or client’s homes.


Employees are required to participate in,


–           maintaining a clean lunch area by placing all rubbish in bins and / or areas set aside.

–           maintaining clean storage and staff areas, sweep floors and general clean up to provide for safe accesses as part of the workplace safety practice.

–           maintaining equipment, by cleaning and placing in the appropriate storage areas after use.

–           The clean up of work areas after completion of tasks. Eg No material is left lying around and place all equipment in the appropriate storage area which may be required to be locked.

–           ensuring all materials stored on the floors and other areas should be stacked neatly in one place.


8.         Contractors


All contractors on behalf of the SUBEE PTY LTD shall comply with the current legislation and SUBEE PTY LTD safety policies and procedures.


Management shall ensure that all contracts clearly define and document the companies Work, Health and Safety requirements.


9.         General Safety




Safety is the responsibility of each and everyone.  It is the combined effort of everyone that prevents accidents. To be a safe worker you must be alert at all times. Failure to be alert may result in serious injury to yourself or others.


The following breaches will be regarded as serious misconduct:


(a.)      Failure to comply with the safety requirements under the Work, Health and Safety Act

(b.)      Not wearing the correct protective clothing and/or equipment as required when performing such tasks.


(C,)      Possessing or consuming illegal drugs and/or alcohol on work sites or being intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs whilst at work.


(d.)      Fighting or attempting bodily harm or injury to other employees and/or persons while at work for Subee Pty Ltd


(e.)      Wilful neglect of safety equipment of Subee Pty Ltd, or clients of Subee Pty Ltd.


(f.)       Not complying with the safety requirements of each site and/or place of work.



10.       Obligations


Under the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011 all employees and employers have the following obligations:


(a.)      Every employee while at work must take reasonable care for health, safety and welfare of others in the workplace


(b.)      Employees must co-operate with their employer in complying with the Safety laws


(c.)       Employees shall not interfere with or misuse anything that is provided in the interests of health and safety


Breaches of this legislation can result in prosecution and fines administered by the WorkCover Authority upon employers and employees.


The following is a methodology statement for specific works.  It is understood that all of the methodology statements for work performed by the company are to be completed as an ongoing basis once identified. Other statements will form part of SUBEE PTY LTD Work, Health and Safety Policy. It is also understood that Risk Assessment Hazard Reduction will be ongoing depending on the work environment from job to job.


11.       Accident and Incident Reporting


All accidents and injuries must be reported using the defined Incident Report/Complaints Procedure Form and investigated by the Work, Health and Safety / Consultative Committee as a matter of priority and urgency following notification of all accidents, incidences and or near misses.


Incident Reporting shall include all incidences as defined in the Subee Pty Ltd Induction Document.


Methodology Statement(s)


(a)          Risk & Hazard Identification.


Where practical, all premises at which work is performed by employees of Subee Pty Ltd; a formal Risk & Hazard Identification is to be conducted.


(b)       Manual Handling


When employees are required to lift objects, they should do so as to eliminate possible back strain by bending the knees and keeping your back straight when picking objects of the ground.








Workplace Rehabilitation Policy

Summary & Commitments of this workplace


To prevent injury and illness by providing a safe and healthy working environment.


To ensure that injury management activities commence as soon as possible after injury and every effort is made to provide suitable and meaningful duties consistent with the nature of the injury/illness, after seeking appropriate medical judgement.


To provide support for workers throughout the rehabilitation process to minimise the effects of the injury and ensure that an early return to work is normal practice and expectation.



1/9 Park Avenue

Coffs Harbour NSW 2450





Commonwealth Rehabilitation Services


Injured workers will, however, retain the right to nominate an accredited provider of their own choice.






Workers will be informed of their rights and responsibilities and of Company policies on rehabilitation.




The company accepts the need to consult with workers and any union representing them on disputes and to contact the insurer, WorkCover, or an Injury Management consultant.




a)    Must take reasonable care at work so as not to put self or others at unnecessary risk.

b)    Report an injury as soon as possible, using the companies incident forms.

c)    Nominate a treating doctor.

d)    Advise the insurer if wanting to change their nominated treating doctor and seek their approval to do so.

e)    Co-operate with the Injury Management Plan.

f)     Attend reasonable medical appointments as arranged by the insurer.

g)    Advise changes in earnings.

h)   Make all reasonable efforts to return to work with their pre-injury employer as soon as possible.

i)     Other responsibilities include lodging a claim within 6 months (unless there was good reason for the delay) and cooperating with workplace changes.




a)    Nominate own treating doctor.

b)    Choose own rehabilitation provider: workers should be encouraged to use the company’s nominated provider but this is not mandatory.

c)    Not to be dismissed within 6 months as a result of work-related injury.




All complaints either from workers or clients are to be directed to either the coordinator of services for the specific region or complaints may be made directly to Sue Beehag, the Director of Company.


In relation to any matter that may be in dispute between the parties and Subee Pty Ltd, the parties:


(a)       Will attempt to resolve the matter at the workplace level, including, but not limited to:

(b)       The worker and or his or her supervisor meeting and conferring on the matter; and

(c)        if the matter is not resolved at such a meeting, the parties will arrange further discussions involving more senior levels of management (as appropriate); and

(d)       acknowledge the right of either party to appoint, in writing, another person to act on behalf of the party in relation to resolving the matter at the workplace level; and

Agree to allow either party to refer the matter to mediation if the matter cannot be resolved at the workplace level;


(e)       Agree that if either party refers the matter to mediation, both parties will participate in the mediation process in good faith; and

(f)        acknowledge the right of either party to appoint, in writing another person to act on behalf of the party in relation to the mediation process; and

(g)       Agree that during the time when the parties attempt to resolve the matter:

The parties continue to work in accordance with their contract of employment unless the employee has a reasonable concern about an imminent risk to his or her health and safety; and

(h)       subject to relevant provisions of any State or Territory occupational health and safety law, even if the employee has a reasonable concern about an imminent risk to his or her health and safety, the employee must not unreasonably fail to comply with a direction by his or her employer to perform other available work, whether at the same workplace or another workplace, that is safe and appropriate for the employee to perform; and

(i)         The parties must cooperate to ensure that dispute resolution procedures are carried out as quickly as is reasonably possible; and

(j)        Agree not to commence an action:



(k)        The party initiating the action has genuinely attempted to resolve the dispute at the workplace level; and


(l)           a period of 7 days has expired from the date when the party initiating the action gave notice that mediation is not requested;


(m) or

The mediation was requested by either party and that mediation has been completed.


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