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Family Care

Subee Pty Ltd provides professional Nursing Services to clients of all ages, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The Subee Pty Ltd team liaise between Community Health Services, hospitals and other community resources so as to provide an effective integrated home nursing service.  The team allocation procedure will ensure that these resources are appropriately and adequately utilised. Subee Pty Ltd prides itself on maintaining a database of skilled and qualified care staff which has been designed and developed to ensure there is a pool of staff to meet the needs of clients.

All staff have been selected using the Subee Pty Ltd Recruitment Methodology and their availability and special skills are noted in the company database. Therefore, when a service provider or client makes a request for nursing services and or respite care, the recipient of care needs are clearly defined using the Subee Quality Service Delivery Model which assists the process of delivering  prompt, professional and quality care. Further to this, Subee Pty Ltd, also utilises the Subee Support Needs Assessment, where necessary, to allow other health care professionals and family members the opportunity to have input into individual assessments.

Subee Pty Ltd have also been an agent for Air Liquide Healthcare since 2007, offering a service on a 24/7 availability to meet the clients needs, providing sales, hire and service of medical oxygen, providing home oxygen therapy to clients of the Dust and Diseases Board and sleep disorder services. Subee Pty Ltd has provided portable oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators to private clients, veterans affairs clients, palliative care clients and clients of the Dust & Diseases Board in Coffs Harbour and Grafton. Many Air Liquide Healthcare clients have chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and the majority of clients are palliative care patients due to the nature of their illness or condition.

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