What if…?

What if…?

The question has been raised as to ‘what happens to my job if a client goes into hospital or on holidays’? I feel it important to point out another sad scenario but not out of the question – the issue of ‘what if a client dies?’…..

This has been an issue within the care industry for years. Hospitals, nursing homes, hostels and nursing services have times when patients/clients come and go and staffing levels vary.

Firstly, care staff should understand that there is no ownership of a carer of a client. The client has the ultimate say as to who delivers their care needs. If a client or a family member of a client wants a  staff member removed from the roster they have the right to make this request. It’s their home and we respect their decisions. If the client or family member does not wish to disclose the reason for their decision, so be it, they are paying for the service….

From the companies’ perspective this has been detailed and communicated in the Subee ECA, the Subee Induction booklet and in the employment application induction section that you signed prior to the commencement of your employment with the company.

In these instances we will endeavour to offer you work with alternate clients of the company. The decision to accept or refuse other work is yours to make. I appreciate that due to the nature of the industry it is common practice of care staff to work for other nursing services or nursing homes and hostels.

I suggest you read the Subee Employee Collective Agreement, ECA, which is available on the Fairwork Australia web site, or contact me to further discuss any questions you may have.



Mick Beehag

0418 677 473