Voluntary Out-of-Home VOOHC Care

Subee is an approved VOOHC Care Provider

Subee has been registered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian to provide centre-based, Voluntary Out-of-Home Care: VOOHC.

We can only do this from our facility located in Coffs Harbour with children, with a disability, over the age of 7. Consequently, we are unable to provide this service in the Newcastle region at present. And children younger than 7 are required to undertake VOOHC in host family situations, which Subee does not undertake.

So, if you are looking for a reliable provider of centre-based, time-limited, Voluntary Out of Home Care, give us a call to discuss how we may be able to help your family.

Where does Subee provide VOOHC Services?

Coffs Harbour Office

We offer services in Coffs Harbour and surrounding towns on the Mid-North Coast of NSW:

Coffs Harbour | Toormina | Sawtell | Urunga | Nambucca Heads | Valla | Macksville | South West Rocks | Kempsey | Mylestom | Raleigh | Bellingen | Dorrigo | Coramba | Nana Glen | Woolgoolga | Wooli | Minnie Water | Grafton

02 6651 3153
Voluntary Out of Home Care Coffs Harbour

The Voluntary Out-of-Home Care (VOOHC) scheme was set up by the NSW Government. It’s designed to safeguard the interests of young people and their families. And it also covers kids with disabilities and kids at risk.

So when a child’s care is co-ordinated within the VOOHC system, it manages:

  • when a child is cared for outside of their home
  • if they are staying overnight somewhere other than their home
  • with someone other than a parent or relative.

A child is in Voluntary Out-of-Home Care when their family has made an arrangement with an organisation to provide care for them. And when a child is cared for by someone other than a parent or relative.

The scheme manages how these interactions take place. Managing who and how care is provided to these kids. So safeguards for their well-being are in place. And because case management, planning and assessment is measured continuously, this improves the consistency and quality of results.

It includes respite care for the kids and their carers. It also covers escorting kids to visitations with non-custodial relatives. And it also covers residential placements or camps that provide respite or address challenging behaviour.

There are rigorous checks in place for any agency providing these services. Subee has been registered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian to provide centre-based, Voluntary Out-of-Home care. To obtain and maintain this registration, we need to meet all the statutory policies and procedures required and have systems in place that guarantee compliance and children’s safety.

It is also important for any of our staff, who work with young people and their families, to be fully screened and vetted. This ensures safety and well being of everyone involved.

All Subee taff who provide VOOHC care:

  • have current Criminal History clearances
  • have current Working with Children check clearances
  • hold a minimum Cert III accreditation
  • and are qualified in First Aid.

We are here to help. To find out how we can help you and your family, get in touch for an obligation-free chat about our support services. Submit your phone number below and we will call you back as soon as possible. Or you can call us on 6651 8153 or email us on subee@subee.com.au

    (We promise to keep your contact details private and not to bombard you with phone calls or marketing materials)

    Why choose Subee?

    We are an approved Voluntary Out-of-Home Care provider. So Subee is here to help your family when you need us.

    What we do

    Subee is a registered Voluntary Out-of-Home Care provider.

    So we offer the following services:

    • escort children to visitations
    • provide a non-threatening neutral environment
    • report on child/parent interaction
    • respite for foster carers
    • supervise access for children and non-custodial parents
    • transport services, such as school drop off and pick up.

    Respite Care

    Now and then everyone needs a break from their responsibilities. So,  Subee provides Respite Care, which provides a well-earned break for carers. While their carers have a break, we care for the elderly, families and NDIS and iCare recipients. We provide staff to support medical needs, social activities and independence. And we provide personal care and help around the home while the normal carer is unavailable. We provide care for children away from their usual home. So, we can offer respite to:

    • families
    • carers
    • foster parents
    • to young people.
    And we can offer a neutral, non-threatening environment with qualified staff to all. Ask us how we can help.

    Kids with Disabilities

    As an approved NDIS provider, our specialty is providing support services for the disabled. We work with children and young people aged 0–17 years with a disability.

    Any agency providing these services has to pass rigorous checks. We have been accredited to provide care by the Children’s Guardian. So we meet all the required statutory policies and procedures.

    It's also important for any of our staff to be fully vetted when they work with young people and their families. Because this ensures safety and well being of everyone involved.

    All Subee staff who provide VOOHC care:

    • have passed rigorous police checks,
    • have passed the Working with Children check,
    • hold a minimum Cert III accreditation,
    • and are qualified in First Aid
    • carry full professional indemnity
    • and are covered by public liability insurance.

    Emergency Accommodation

    ALBANY COTTAGE We also provide out-of-home care, on a short-term basis in Albany Cottage.

    Albany Cottage, in the heart of Coffs Harbour, is also designed for those seeking emergency accommodation. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the cottage offers a homely environment for those in need or in crisis.

    The cottage has three-bedrooms. There is a combined kitchen and dining area, lounge room, bathroom, sun room, laundry and a large enclosed back yard. It's situated right around the corner from the Coffs CBD so it's close to all amenities. It's also wheelchair accessible. Which means there are no stairs required for entry, extra space around beds and wide entrances.

    We also use Albany Cottage as a neutral location for supervised access and holiday respite.

    So, to discuss availability, and for non-urgent enquiries, please phone (02) 6651 3153 during business hours.

    Emergency Accommodation Coffs Harbour
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